Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ways to say no!

Charlotte has become so mobile so quickly. It is very exciting to watch. At the moment she can crawl, and pull herself up to standing. I really don't think it will be too much longer before she can walk. She is able to stand while only holding onto something with one hand, and yesterday she took a little step. She can furniture walk already.
But with her new found mobility comes a world of No's! We have done a bit of baby proofing, but I'm sure we need to do more. Her favourite things to do at the moment (well ones that I don't want her to do) are to crawl to the entertainment unit and pull herself up. She then likes to play with the DVD and VCR players. Yesterday she managed to eject a tape, then insert it again, quite advanced I thought. The poor cat has also copped a tail pulling. Thankfully she is learning to run away. Charlotte also likes to play with the battery for my laptop which sits on the floor. Unfortunately I don't have another spot for it, so unless I pack it away in the day, she is getting used to hearing No!
But I don't think I'm very good at saying it. It doesn't seem to provoke much of a reaction. So I am trying different ways of saying it - with a harsh tone, short and sharp, very loud, with her name first, with her name second, and the big one, with her full name! James heard me saying this and cracked up - he thought that that signified a big moment in our parenting.
I know that consistency is the key, so I think I will stick with a big loud NO for the moment. But at least I know that I can pull out a Charlotte Zoe McPherson!! when I need to.

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