Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sibling love

Angus is now 7 months old. He is closer to being one than he is to being zero. Wowsers. And my dream baby is gone. Two weeks ago he got his first tooth. It came through pretty easily, apart from a bit of drooling. The next day he started working on more. And boy did he let us know it. Since then he has been waking any time of the night, often awake for the day from 4am, cries all day, wants cuddles, doesn't want milk unless it is at 2am. You get the picture. His routine is completely shot even though I am desperately trying to hold onto it. We are tired. Last weekend he ran a temperature for 24 hours. He was then so unsettled that I actually took him to the GP who couldn't find a thing wrong with him. I just don't know what to do anymore. But, this evening, I felt the second tooth almost through. I just hope that means that this run of teething is over.

I also worked out today that he might need more solids during the day. We have been doing 2 meals that were fairly small. Tonight I gave him twice as much and he ate it all and had a milk feed afterwards. So I will try adding another meal in tomorrow. I am struggling with finding things to give him. I don't remember it being this hard with Charlotte. But then, Angus is a little fussy. If there are any lumps at all in the food, he gags. And then he vomits everything back up. I know this is part of the reflux (having a sensitive gag reflex) but boy it is frustrating. Although today we were at Ikea (my heaven) and I gave him a chip to munch on (I know, I know, terrible parenting) and he loved just munching on it, and he didn't gag, so that is a big win.

Otherwise he is such a delight. He was sitting up properly for the first time just yesterday. Today he started commando crawling so I imagine it won't be long before he is properly crawling. He is definitely mobile - he rolls with intent. Once he sets his sights on an object he rolls straight to it! I have to keep telling Charlotte to keep all her toys out of the lounge room as he just seems to gravitate towards anything that shouldn't be in his mouth. I'm not quite sure how we handle that next phase when he is crawling and in her playroom with all the little bits and pieces everywhere!

But he certainly loves his sister. Today Charlotte brought her dolls house over to him and played for a little while with him and her toys. Such a delight to watch and I can't wait to see how they get on as they grow up.

A very sad Angus having cuddles with Daddy and Charlotte

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