Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 months on

This day, 12 months ago, Angus was growing in a dish on the other side of town. He was about 4 cells big. Of course we didn't know he was a he, or even that we would have him. But we had that hope and excitement. I meant to write a post yesterday, at 11am to be precise as that is about the time that James DNA was combined with mine (but I forgot, tee hee). Today he his a beautiful chubby (sort of) little boy. At his last weigh in he was 5.6 kg which is still a bit on the small side but he is gaining well. I find myself frequently doing this, comparing where we were a year ago to where we are today and I always find the difference staggering.

So today I have my beautiful family. James and I just celebrated our 12 wedding anniversary. We had a lovely day out at Queen's park. Someone mentioned to us that they hoped we got some alone time. But I was happy to spend it as a family as that really is what getting married was about for us - creating a family in whatever form that takes. Charlotte is thriving and really is a delight despite her strong personality. Unfortunately today I am strongly remembering what it felt like 12 months ago as last night I had a vertigo attack and still feel very dizzy today. If it keeps up I think I will have to see an ENT although there isn't that much they can do (I think it may be meniere's disease which runs in the family). It possibly is a good thing I feel sick as it does remind me that I can't do another pregnancy and feel this sick for 9 months straight. Oh well, bring on tomorrow.

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