Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Her first time being sick

The last week has felt pretty tough. Charlotte has been sick for the first time. I know that she will probably get sick many many more times in the future, but it was hard to see it. She started coming down with it late last week. She just seemed a little more grizzly than usual, which I put down to teething. We had quite a few rough nights where she woke up several times crying. By Saturday morning she was really distressed and I decided that she was sick, but just didn't know with what. We dosed her up on panadol which helped a little bit. But I spent most of the day lying on the couch with her on my chest. She would put her head down for a minute or two, then lift it up and cry, before plonking it back down. Saturday afternoon her temperature was up to 37.8 (it could have been more, it is hard to check her temp!) but the worst was to come.
Saturday night she woke up every hour or so until about 11 pm, when she SCREAMED for about an hour. Nothing seemed to help and I was just about to bundle her up in the car and take her to the hospital when she stopped. She then woke every 30-40 mins and cried but then finally slept between 4 and 6 am. Needless to say that James and I were also exhausted. It really was so distressing watching her cry and not knowing what to do!
Sunday morning we found a 7 day a week clinic and saw a doctor. Of course she looked completely happy playing at the doctors surgery, although we had just given her some more panadol before we got there. I had begun to think that she had an ear infection, but the doctor took one look at her throat and stated that it was covered in blisters, and that she had hand, foot and mouth disease. No wonder she had been screaming!
We came home with some antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection, and the advise to just keep dosing her up with panadol. It apparently is a fairly mild childhood disease, but it sure hasn't felt mild to me! Unfortunately I seem to also have come down with it although it is a bit milder in adults. I still feel like crap though, and have a bad cough, so I can't imagine how Charlotte feels. It could also be worse because I'm sleep deprived.
It is now 5 days since Charlotte first started showing symptoms and she is still a bit grizzly and running mild temperatures. She is still waking at night and having a cry, and the blisters are still evident on her face and backside. But she is improving, and I am feeling better today too.
On another note, I noticed what day it was on Saturday and realised that I was probably ovulating. To say that DTD was the last thing on my mind was an understatement. So I feel really bad about that. I don't know why I still beat myself up about making sure we try every month. Nothing is going to happen anyway. I hate how people say "I know someone who got pregnant after giving up IVF, or having a baby" so I still hold on to that hope that it might happen, even though it is false hope. Besides, after the week we've just had, maybe waiting a bit longer isn't a silly idea!

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