Thursday, April 14, 2011

The first few weeks

I have a dream baby. I really hope that I don't jinx myself by writing that. He feeds well, he sleeps well in between feeds. It is great. I keep expecting it all to go wrong. Charlotte was a challenge, and I will write about that later. She had reflux and I fully expected Angus to have it too. He has done quite a few chucks, and likes to puke (I don't just mean little possets like all babies do, I mean call the priest your child is possessed type chucks). However he isn't showing any of the other signs of reflux like Charlotte did.

He is still a small baby and didn't put his birth weight on until his 3 week checkup, but seems to be stacking it on now. We aren't quite sure why he wasn't putting weight on at first although he was a tiny bit jaundiced. He is going 4-6 hours between feeds, and last night fed at 8, 2am, then 8 again. He does have some unsettled times, and sadly until about midnight he seems to be really unsettled. But James has been great at sitting up with him so I can get some sleep.

And Charlotte loves her "baby Angus". When Mum and Dad brought her into hospital for that first visit she came running in with a baby book to give him, then stood there with her arms out for a cuddle. She wants to cuddle him all the time. One of the first nights home he was crying just as we put her to bed and she started crying out "I help baby Angus". Mum and Dad were a great help but went home last weekend. Charlotte's behaviour has gotten a little worse since then with wanting attention so I am trying to play with her as much as I can. I can't believe how big she is though compared to him! At the moment he is still smaller than she ever was and that is so hard to believe.

So things are going really well at the moment. I'm not stressing about little things like housework and it is hard to find the time to jump on the computer (when sleep really is a priority). I am also starting to feel really good in myself. I think back a few weeks when everything was a chore and can't believe how sick I really was. I still have some discomfort in my back and my pelvis is still really loose - I can still feel it grinding and clicking. I can't wait to go back to the gym and get fit again. Of course I have lost all of my baby weight (given that I only put 1kg on the whole pregnancy) and am now working on the IVF weight I put on. But I'm not trying too hard, I am just finishing off a hot cross bun now. tee hee.

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